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Family Suite “Orphée”

Elegance and sophistication...

This bedroom is divided in two parts which are separated by a double-door, so that it can be intended either for a couple or for parents with their children.

In that suite you will discover a personal reproduction of the painting « The Descent of Orpheus to the Underworld » by the artist Luigi Vacca (who was the official painter of King Charles Felix) and go right to the heart of mythology...


The elegant decoration (a woollen carpet, a desk...) will be for the parents' bedroom and the refinement will be for the children's bedroom.

And you will get comfortable in the mischievous 16-square-meter large bathroom!

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60-square-meter bedroom
• LCD screen 102 cm in the bedroom
• Mini-bar
• Tea/coffee making facilities
• Wi-Fi and LAN connection
• En-suite bathroom equipped with an Italian shower, a wash basin and a toilet
• Desk
• Carpet