L'hôtel de Sautet à Chambéry
Hôtel de Sautet - 6, rue Métropole
73000 Chambéry - Tél : 06 16 83 16 64
Chambres de l'Hôtel de Sautet à Chambéry
Chambre d'Hôtes en Ville - Gîtes de France - Chambéry - Savoie
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The Suites at the Hôtel de Sautet...

In our Suites de Hôtel de Sautet you will find five large bedrooms comfortably equipped and offering you much space :
Uccello, Comtesse de Boigne, Camberium, Ducs de Savoie and Orphée Suite


All the bedrooms offer you a high quality equipment :

Queen-size beds 160 cm, flat screen TV set 106 cm, DVD player, Internet connection... in a warm and inviting atmosphere which is linked with the history and heritage of Chambéry.


In our house we will also offer you specific rooms (the "Rousseau" living-room, the library, the DVD library...) where you will be able to read, go on retreat, communicate and discover the local and Chambéry cultural treasures.


On the kitchen side… Thanks to our hearty breakfasts which are prepared with quality home-made products from this area you will be able to discover the Savoie gastronomy. You will thus find a charming place combining comfort and French manners, which will delight our guests.


To be discovered: This brand new criterion is dedicated to City Tourism and it is a new step for the development of this famous quality approval which is the best one in the sector of the Guest Houses, with over 10,000 destinations all over France.

Portrait uccello dans de l'hôtel de Sautet à Chambéry

Room “Uccello”

Named after the Renaissance painter of Florence Paolo Di Dono known as “Uccello”.
Visit the room Uccello

Portrait Comtesse de Boigne, de l'hôtel de Sautet à Chambéry

Room “Comtesse de Boigne”

Beyond this façade of elegance and society life lays a wide knowledge”
Visit the room Comtesse de Boigne

Suite Camberium de l'Hôtel de Sautet à Chambéry

Suite “Chambéry”

This suite is a gentle trip through the age…
Visit the suite Camberium (Chambéry)

Chambre double Prestige “Ducs de Savoie” de l'Hôtel de Sautet à Chambéry

Prestige double room “Ducs de Savoie”

Former living-room of the private Mansion, with a 150-year-old parquet floor.
Visit the room Ducs de Savoie

Suite familiale “Orphée” de l'Hôtel de Sautet à Chambéry

Family suite “Orphée”

Sophisticated atmosphere around the painting « The Descent of Orpheus to the Underworld » from the painter Luigi Vacca
Visit the family suite Orphée