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La Comtesse de Boigne

She is one of our major memorialists who wrote for her nephew the history of her exceptional life. Did she claim to be a writer? Not at all. It was at the most the words of an old lady, the story of an aunt directed to – as she humbly put it – “the reader, if there is one”.
Yet, Adèle, the elder daughter of the Marquess of Osmond, himself an enlightened aristocrat, had lived through many things from the waning monarchy to the 1848 revolution.
As a child, she was close to Louis XVI and delighted the court of Versailles.
She immigrated to London when she was 15 during the Reign of Terror (1793-94), she encountered there the man who was to be the curse of her life: the General of Boigne, an unstable and bad-tempered man, almost a tyrant.
She came back to Paris during the Napoleonic era and was constrained to be part of Napoleon’s court which had become disreputable because of the emergent nobility of the First Empire.
The Countess chose to remain true to her principle of “juste milieu” (happy medium) and refused to become acquainted with the extremists, the nobility of the Ancien Regime or the utopian revolutionaries.
And even if she ironically mocked the Emperor, still, she was impressed by this genius who managed to pacify the country.
She was horrified by the turmoil of the rabble but her writings were not full of hate; her acid words reflected her quiet passion for reform.
Above all, she admired the debonair Louis XVIII, constitutional monarch.

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