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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

« At this moment began the short happiness of my life » The Confessions – Book VI.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau stayed in the small valley of the Charmettes with her friend Madame de Warens between 1736 and 1742, this place was described in the books V and VI of “The Confessions” and in chapter 10 of “Reveries of a Solitary Walker”; it was where he built his “store of ideas” while discovering Nature and Happiness.
From the Revolution era, the house became a major place of gathering, people were coming from all around the world and famous writers such as George Sand or Lamartine produced emotional accounts of their visit.
In 1905, the house was classified as “historic monument” and was to be from then on the property of the town of Chambéry, a place “where we taste the softness of life” according to Rousseau.
It is also a protected site and has botanical gardens.

In this house, Rousseau started to build up his character; he became one of the most influential French writers and contributed to the evolution of universal thinking: Nature, Romanticism, Education, Happiness, the Enlightenment, Liberty and Equality.

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Chambre d'Hôtes en Ville - Gîtes de France - Chambéry - Savoie