Chambre d'Hôtes en Ville - Gîtes de France - Chambéry - Savoie
L'hôtel de Sautet à Chambéry
Hôtel de Sautet
6, rue Métropole - 73000 Chambéry
Téléphone : 06 16 83 16 64
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Chambre d'Hôtes en Ville - Gîtes de France - Chambéry - Savoie
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« I need to meditate in order to love… »

“If there is a little city in the world where the pleasures of life are experienced in an agreeable and friendly commerce, it is at Chambéry.”
(Jean-Jacques Rousseau – The Confessions)
More about Jean-Jacques Rousseau...

The Sautet is close to the Count of Saint- Laurent’s hotel where Madame de Warens lodged Jean-Jacques Rousseau from 1732 to 1740.

This lounge is a tribute to the writer; you could read some of his works by the fireside, leaf through the books dedicated to the history of Chambéry and the region (Bauges, Vanoise, Chartreuse…) or simply chat with other guests in this convivial place.

Video library

Philippe and Edith have a passion for the cinema and are delighted to share their video library with their guests.


Your stay in the hotel could be the occasion to discover or rediscover some jewels of the cinema (Children of Paradise, Hôtel du Nord…) or some more relaxing movies to spend a nice time.